One day, a project : French Institute of Muslim Civilization by Gautier+Conquet

Photography by Renaud Araud

Under this heat at the end of July, we don’t go very far for a project with local colours. In fact, we’re staying in France, on a Lyon project, signed by a Lyon agency: Gautier+Conquet. I (unfortunately) rarely deal with local projects, so it’s worth mentioning it. But let’s stop the ramblings, it’s time to talk about…architecture !
(A little bit at least…)

The French Institute of Muslim Civilization is a building dedicated, as its name indicates, to the diffusion of Muslim culture. Immediately, the stone and the use made of it, by strong, well-defined lines, seduced me. Yes I am like that, I have the stone. Already as a child I collected stones at each walk, it is necessary to believe that certain passions remain!

This project is also distinguished by a clear, almost pedagogical reading : the shapes are simple and you can read without too much difficulty the way the building is composed. The central hall, which crosses the building from one facade to the other, irrigates the two lateral bodies. A clear and luminous landmark that does not suffer from any eccentricity. Sober and efficient.

The effort to sublimate the materials, dear to my heart, is bearing fruit. To each material corresponds a vocabulary, inherited from its own constructive culture. Thus, stone falls straight, wood frames the view and warms the interiors, and metal offers a discreet pattern and sun protection echoing the Muslim culture. At a time when people complain about the high heat, finding shutters and mashrabiya on the facade is welcome!

In this displayed rigour, the showroom takes a step aside and creates a shift. Its slightly arched opening and its stone wall on the facade guide the visitor from the secondary entrance, making him slide down to the atrium.

In short, you will have understood: I am delighted to have come across this project (how could I have missed it ?!).
Can’t wait for the end of the restrictions to enjoy an exhibition !

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