Campus Enterprise 2ARAMI

Aerial perspective, carried out within the Chabanne+Partners agency

University campus (CREM)


Project carried out within the Chabanne+Partners agency

10 000 0000 euros

Competition filed January 5, 2018 (not accepted)

This project in the heart of the Auvergne is intended as an innovative campus dedicated to industrial professions. Through its architectural choices, it constitutes a marker in the existing and future urban fabric of this fast-developing district. The proposed urban attraction goes beyond the simple architectural treatment of the street corner. The proposal aims to create a vast forecourt that acts as an interface between the external and internal uses of the building. 

The architectural style of the Campus is respectful of the heritage of the large industrial hall whose structure, light and large volumes are enhanced in the project. Two steel blades in reference to the world of industry run through the project and structure the organization of the campus.

A central garden, an empty space in the heart of the Campus, connects the different living areas. This vegetal lung also makes it possible to multiply the facades tenfold and to bring natural light to the centre of the building.

The plan is intended to be extremely functional and flexible. The training areas can evolve according to needs, as can the technical platform, offering 7000m² of flexible surface area.

Campus visibility and identity
Urban Scenography
A garden in the heart of the campus
The platform, flexible and scalable
Pedestrian perspective, produced by the Chabanne+Partners agency.
Facade OUEST_2000px_nobrackground_23
West facade, built within the Chabanne+Partners agency
South facade, built within the Chabanne+Partners agency
Ground floor plan, made in the agency Chabanne+Partners
View of the "Galerie des Métiers", made in the Chabanne+Partenaires agency.
View of the interior garden, realized within the agency Chabanne+Partners
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