About us

Stitch is first of all an idea that germinated in the four corners of the world, the fruit of exchanges and encounters which, little by little, made this project evolve into a real adventure.
Stitch is then the will to reconnect the population with what architecture is : desires, emotions, sensations.
Stitch is also this search for sincerity in the process as well as in the material.
Stitch, it is finally stories, different, multiple, captured by four features and a lot of willpower.

A team destined to grow !

Valentin Rose

Manager - Architect HMONP

Like any young studio that hatched, the Stitch Architecture studio is made up of a single member, Valentin Rose. For me, an atypical career path led me to work in New Zealand (Christchurch) then in Quebec (Lac-Mégantic) before returning to France to develop a professional project full of challenges.

My professional and personal experiences have led me to become interested in situations mixing disasters and architecture, a theme that is dear to me through the workshop Stitch Architecture.

Alone but not isolated, I surround myself with solid and experienced partners without turning my back on former collaborators who are also beginning an entrepreneurial adventure.

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