Practice and research

Stitch Architecture aims to be a multidisciplinary workshop with a wide but coherent offer of services. This one is articulated around two components of the architect’s profession : practice and research.

Indissociable but paradoxically far apart in everyday life, these two fields give rise to three complementary hats of the architect: Project Manager, Consultant and Teacher-Researcher.

The Stitch Architecture studio strives to cultivate a virtuous circle between practice and research, the two fields feeding each other through experimentation and projects.

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The various services detailed below are not fully adapted as they are adapted to the functioning of the French market.
If you have any questions about the details of our services, please contact us directly. We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible.

Project management

The feasibility study can come upstream of the project and be defined on a longer term before being handed over to the client. The objective of such a study is to carry out an analysis of the regulations related to the land, to analyse the programme provided by the project owner (client) and to propose a first sketch corresponding to the project envelope.

Programming is a crucial phase in the implementation of a project. It enables the expectations of the project owner to be defined and to check that they are in line with the available budget and the regulations in force for the type of construction envisaged. A programme summarises the surface areas of each room in your project as well as the level of performance expected (thermal, acoustic, finishes) in accordance with the intended use.

The mission of architectural and/or urban design integrates the sketch, the constitution of the file of Building Permit and the studies to lead to a File of Consultation of the Companies. It can be segmented into different phases (ESQ, APS, APD – validating the final price and fees -, PC, PRO, DCE) depending on the type of project.  The analysis of the companies’ offers and their technical brief can be added to this mission. This mission does not include the implementation phase.

The complete mission assures you a follow-up from the first evolutions to the delivery of the project. During the sketch and study phases, we will define your needs and then anticipate potential problems on your site. During the realization phase, we will assist and advise you (Works Contract Assistance, Works Contract Execution Management, Assistance with Acceptance Operations) throughout the duration of the project.


The Assistant to the Contracting Authority has the role of mediator between the Contracting Authority (the client) and the project management team. His role is both advisory and educational. This mission can intervene at different phases of a project in a punctual or followed-up way. His role is to assist the Project Owner in defining the project objectives, to participate in the selection of appropriate solutions proposed by the Project Owner, to monitor and check the progress of the project and compliance with the specifications, to lead user workshops, etc.

In its missions as Assistant to the Project Manager, the workshop offers expertise in projects involving sites in post-emergency situations or which may be subject to disasters. Based on several experiences, particularly in New Zealand and Quebec, we advise project management groups wishing to achieve a project that is a vector of resilience for the territory and its population.

We offer our services to condominium managers and owners wishing to obtain an advisory opinion on renovation work on their property (RT2012, RE2020, layout of common areas, enhancement of an existing dwelling). In this consultancy role, we can advise you on contracting with companies and checking the conformity of the work.

Research - teaching

We maintain links with schools in Lyon and work with them from time to time. Sensitive to teaching, we wish to transmit and exchange our experiences, both good and bad.

The problems mixing disasters and architecture being still unknown in France, we are at your disposal to exchange on these subjects during conferences relating our experiences.

We propose to follow your experiments and draw up reports on them, under an architect-researcher’s eye, with a view to promoting them among European research circles (Universities, Architectural Research Network).

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition, you can download the document opposite, published by the Conseil National de l’Ordre des Architectes entitled “Construire avec l’architecte” (Building with the architect). This document details the role of the architect, the different stages of a project, the legal obligations in the act of building.

Fees are calculated according to the type of engagement and its complexity. In the case of a project management contract, the fees may be fixed or depend on the total cost of the work. It is generally estimated that the daily cost of an architect’s work is 650e excluding tax. This cost includes the fixed expenses of the workshop (professional insurance, software, computer equipment, reprography, travel expenses) as well as the additional cost of insurance related to your project. 

We work mainly in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. Depending on the type of project, it is possible to move away from this area. We also have a strong interest in international projects related to disaster and post-emergency issues.

We are at your disposal from the very first flanges of project ideas. Participating in your first reflections increases the maturation time of the project.
A first free telephone meeting will allow us to situate your request and to estimate its feasibility. Then, if you wish, a second physical meeting will allow you to discuss the project in more detail. This appointment is billed at 80e/hour. These costs are integrated during the following phases, if a contract is signed.

We can provide you with an opinion as a consultant. However, our liability and insurance will not be involved. The possible graphic productions cannot be used to constitute a Building Permit File or any other work.

To ensure that our methods and production are in line with your wishes, it is possible to segment the assignments. You will then be free to decide whether or not to continue our collaboration. The cost of this sketch will depend on the type of project (variable depending on the programme and the cost of the work).

Professional guarantees
Among construction professionals, the architect has the most extensive insurance obligations. As all those involved in the act of building must have insurance, the architect is compulsorily insured to cover all acts that engage his professional liability, i.e. for :
– cover his professional commitments,
– cover damage caused to a third party,
– to cover any disorder or defect for which he can be held responsible

Duty to advise
The architect has a duty to advise throughout the missions entrusted to him. His warnings are most often addressed in writing:
– at the design stage: the architect must warn you of the feasibility of the operation, warn you about the state of the ground or the basement, warn you of the imperfections of a work carried out at a lower cost or of the possible exceeding of the planned budget, of the risks of the planned construction on neighbouring buildings…,
– at the realization stage: the architect must advise you on the choice of companies, on the quality and characteristics of the materials used (he may advise against the use of certain materials),
– at the reception stage: it should alert you to all apparent defects and faults.

– The use of an architect ensures that the private individual is put in competition with companies, which is a cost reduction factor to be taken into consideration. In addition, the accounting of the work is carried out as the building site progresses,
– the architect must constantly ensure that the construction schedule is adhered to. He checks that the materials used and the implementation techniques correspond exactly to what was foreseen in the works contracts,
– A building built by a professional who takes personal responsibility will live better and longer, thus reducing maintenance costs,
– the architect’s fees are negotiable by the client while, for example, the margin of the builder of single-family houses is not clearly identified,
– the architect, a sustainable development professional, will offer you the technical solutions best suited to the building, the site and your uses, as well as the best energy performance. Your bills will be affected

Source : Order of Architects France “Construire avec l’architecte”.

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