Extension of the “Ecole de Condé” in Lyon

View from Garibaldi Street

AD Education

Realization of an extension comprising 4 classrooms, a multipurpose room and a human resource area.

Lyon (69007) (France)


Permit obtained June 25, 2020
Under construction

Consolim (General contractor), Qualiconsult (BC)
Main compagnies : Estrat Bonche, Evolution, Foray Perraud, Drancourt Charpente Couverture.

A few steps away from the Parc Blandan and nestled in the dynamic Jean Macé neighborhood is the École de Condé, a place of exchange and knowledge in the fields of design, graphic arts, photography and arts and crafts. Cramped in its imposing glass case at the corner of Chevreul and Camille Roy streets, the École de Condé wishes to continue its expansion in Lyon by transforming its former offices, which have been unoccupied for several years, into classrooms and workshops.

Characterized by an atypical architecture inherited from the district’s industrial heritage, this first floor of nearly 650m² is being developed on either side of rue Camille Roy and rue Chevreul. The first visits allowed to notice the undeniable potential of the place, in particular thanks to the zenithal openings oriented to the north, offering a soft light and ideal for artistic works.

In synergy with the project owner, it was decided to transform this unoccupied warehouse into offices and classrooms, taking advantage of the pre-existing opening between the two buildings.

Three aspects seemed important to us in this project: the preservation of natural light in spite of the constraints linked to the security of the premises; the creation of a convivial mixed-use area, which is missing in the current building of the Ecole de Condé; the flexibility of the spaces, especially the multi-purpose room, to adapt to the different uses of the users (exhibitions, various courses, receptions).

Before work : cleaning and safety

The first step of our intervention consisted in a diagnosis of the existing situation, allowing to validate the hypotheses outlined and the viability of the program desired by the project owner.

This inventory of fixtures required a complete cleaning of the building, in particular to evaluate the state of the roof, the floors and the wooden beams composing the composite structure of the building.

At the end of this cleaning, a punctual structural reinforcement was carried out, securing the site and perpetuating the existing structure.

Cleaning work on the existing building
View of the building after cleaning

Project : a luminous nave, the heart of this extension

Our analysis of the existing building allowed us to grasp the challenge of the project: to preserve the atypical aspect of this industrial building while meeting health and safety standards.

We thus created a central zone, the nave, emerging from the intersection between the two frames of buildings. This meeting place thus allows us to distribute the flows in the two parts of the building: to the north on the administrative area, to the south towards the classrooms.

Finally, we wanted to offer students and professors a place of relaxation in continuity of this nave. This area will be the theater of student experiments, evolving over the years and marking a strong identity through its users.

Perspective of the central nave
Relaxation area

Taking advantage of SHEDs despite security constraints

One of the project owner’s requests was to create a multipurpose space that could accommodate a variety of events. From exhibitions to conferences, including atypical courses requiring large spaces, the multi-purpose room offers a wide range of activities.

As part of the sheds had to be concealed to comply with fire safety standards, we wished to exploit this constraint by applying an acoustic treatment. This treatment consists of wooden strips fixed on a black acoustic felt, giving the impression of the material turning over on this part of the wall.

The networks are left visible, inhabiting the volume between the sheds in harmony with the lighting fixtures. Particular attention was paid to ventilation and lighting, offering excellent comfort of use in this multi-purpose room and classrooms.

Perspective of the multi-purpose room

A project marked by the COVID-19 episode

The year 2020 was marked by the covid-19 epidemic crisis, disrupting among others the building sector. Nevertheless, in spite of this unpredictable hazard, our project management teams and the selected companies were able to adapt and react quickly. The adaptation of working methods and the implementation of cohabitation protocols enabled us to carry out the work under exceptional conditions.

Overview // Beginning of the construction site - View after cleaning
Nave and relaxation area // Installation of partitions - Installation of floors and ceilings
(Multipurpose room) Work progress
Multipurpose room // Photography in progress - Projected image
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