Festival of Lights ed. 2011 : Sergent Blandan

Photography by Jeremy Pierre, December 6, 2011

Scenography on the occasion of the Festival of Lights ed.2011.

Lyon I, place du Sergeant Blandan.

6000e TTC

5 – 8 December 2011

Valentine Robe
Valentine Rose

A place usually occupied by students on the outskirts of the square, plunging its central statue – Sergeant Blandan – into great darkness at nightfall.

The main idea of this project was to rediscover with finesse the features of the sculpture in order to give it back its role as the central element from which the name of Sergeant Blandan Square derives.

More than a hundred low-energy light bulbs were assembled by our duo and then hung on a light metal structure with the help of the Ateliers de L’Isle d’Abeau and the technical services of the Fête des Lumières.

The result resembles a swarm of fireflies stagnating around the statue, neither too far nor too close, revealing its bruises and the sculptor’s gesture.

The roughness of the stone, worn out by time and altered by moss, is thus revealed, colouring Sergeant Blandan with green-gold hues.

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