How repair a city after a disaster ? The case of Christchurch

69_30 decemebr 2013 cathedral karlnorling flickr
Photograph by Karl Norling, December 30, 2013

Research dissertation defended at ENSAL and directed by Lise Serra.

January 26, 2017

Disasters of any kind have affected and will continue to affect our cities for centuries to come. Based on the realization that they cannot be prevented, this brief questions how we can respond to these disasters.
This research tends to explore an alternative posture, reparation, applied to the city of Christchurch in New Zealand. Through a journey of several months on site, I tried to understand what were the levers for the reconstruction of the city and to what extent alternatives to the pre-established model were proposed.

Should the reconstruction of a city be systematic ?
What role does the population play in the current reconstruction processes ? 
Can we imagine new processes to react to post-emergency situations ?

These questions guided my reflection and led me to an alternative posture : reparation.

Document only available in French.

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