How to repair Paris-Charles De Gaulle ?

Aerial perspective by Menthe Studio

(Fentress Global Chalenge)
Urban and architectural project to accompany the transformation of the airport. Extension via a 5th Terminal and redevelopment of the central area.

Paris-Charles De Gaulle, France

Foresight for 2050, delivered on 29 June 2019.

Axelle Mantilleri – Menthe Studio – Site web
Valentin Rose – Stitch Architecture

Since its opening in 1974, Paris-CDG Airport has grown steadily. Now in the process of welcoming a 4th terminal, the establishment of this immense transport hub has not always met with unanimous approval.

Considering the questions that the location of an airport in a peri-urban, rural area surrounded by villages and medium-sized towns may raise, the proposal aims at repairing CDG by focusing on the problems of negation of the territory.

Repairing CDG will involve taking into account the context, exploited here to generate the airport’s own identity, anchored in its site. Inspired by the work of Baron Haussmann, the future CDG Airport will be composed in the manner of a city, generating cultural, well-being, entertainment, commercial and service activities. This complex will be developed at the interstice of existing structures, in a living area that will link the current and future terminals to establish an evolutionary and sustainable system.

Rethinking Urban Planning: Context and Identity

2019.02.21_1_SCHEMA ACTIVATION_1
Current situation
2019.02.21_1_SCHEMA ACTIVATION_2
2019.02.21_1_SCHEMA ACTIVATION_3
Sustainable Ecosystem
Plan situation
Site plan
Urbanisme-Paris-Aéroport-Cercle vertueux
Virtuous circle : a social ecosystem

Un cœur central, ouvert et végétal

Overview : exploded axonometry
Initial situation : isolated terminals
Addition of Terminal 5 to create an urban unit around the central core
A central layer connects the terminals around an active core.
Perforations adapt to usage and create breaths in the central core

The airport, a gateway and a cultural symbol

Perspective parvis by Menthe Studio
Longitudinal section A.A.
Perspective from the central core: view of the open air park by Menthe Studio
Urban forms with porous mixed uses
The added tablecloth adapts to existing buildings
A wide view from the raised gardens and hotels
The cultural garden deploys its richness in a natural and open setting.

Terminal 5 : designed for the modes of transport of the future

Terminal 5 Lobby Perspective by Menthe Studio
Perspective of a waiting area by Menthe Studio

Modular and evolutive furniture

Section : reception desk by Menthe Studio
Section : waiting and/or working space by Menthe Studio
Axonometry : reception bank by Menthe Studio
Axonometry : waiting and/or working space by Menthe Studio
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