Mas du Taureau : House of Projects

Perspective from the Maurice Thorez Parkway

Neighbourhood house, library/media library, urban planning for the transition and sustainable transformation of the Mas du Taureau neighbourhood

Mas du Taureau, Vaulx-en-Velin

15 000 000e 

June 2016 (proposal)

The Mas du Taureau district (Vaulx-en-Velin) is undergoing major changes. As part of a typical “ideas competition” exercise, the choice was made to focus on a process rather than an architecture.

Indeed, we believe that a building, whatever its program, could not respond alone to the problems affecting the neighbourhood.

Two questions guide this reflection:
How can we ensure that users reappropriate neglected public spaces?
How to accompany them in an urban fabric in full transformation?

This proposal is rooted in the idea that architecture and urban planning must be included in a bottom-up process, shared with the population.

The objective is to submit a proposal around the combination of this “social design” and the programmatic constraints to which we are subject.

Concept : activation of key locations


Strategy : Reconnect and add value

Urban project : Avenue Maurice Thaurez, project vector

Destruction of large ensembles
Activating Spaces
Development of ramifications
Sustainable projects and proliferation
Urban layout modelled on the existing one
Mass plan around the library-media library
Exploded Axonometry of the library-media library
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