One day, a project : Kindergarten St. Laurentius by Goldbrunner + HRYCYK Arkitekten

Architektur: goldbrunner + hrycyk Architekten
Photography by Stefan Müller-Naumann

Launched as never before in this month of September (and this in spite of the greyness that punctuates my mornings) we will talk today about…(hold on)…Architecture !

“Simplicity and sobriety. “(this is a supposedly catchy summary).

This is how I would summarize the work done by Hrycyk Architekten (web site) and Goldbrunner Architektur (web site) on the St. Laurentius Kindergarten project. Located between Nuremberg and Munich (to put it in a very big way), this building of 955m² seduced me by its efficient forms and its use of wood, now classic but mastered (and this is less frequent!).

The facade does not look very bright. It fits into its context, offering some variations based on claustra and coloured cladding. Here again, the vocabulary is extremely clear: the claustras provide an extra degree of privacy on the glass surfaces on the ground floor and first floor, while the coloured parts indicate access to the building. Note the single detached facade that covers part of the forecourt in a minimalist gesture at the service of the user.  “Less is more” he said.

On the plan side (the architect’s graphic fantasy object), the grid is clearly identifiable, making its reading legible and translating the architects’ desire to propose a volume from which nothing comes out. The different spaces are articulated around a central well of light from which extend the two lateral circulations and the staircase allowing access to the first floor.

The treatment of the interiors is refined and uncluttered. Rounded alcoves are revealed in the rooms, offering resting niches in which to take a little nap after lunch. The use of openwork, glued wooden slats of varying sizes offers a soft and soothing atmosphere.

Even though there is a fear of aging wood, the project should keep its harmony and bear witness to its growing age. Long live wrinkles and white hair, even on buildings!

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