One day, a project : Amé 247 Building by Lavalle + Peniche Arquitectos

Lavalle Pineche Arquitectu Manolo R Solis
Photography by Manolo R Solís

In this period of August when holidays on the other side of the world are complex – precautionary principle obliges – I propose you to take a virtual flight to Merida in Mexico!
If you thought that the content of “one day, one project” had changed, think again, this is not about sipping cocktails at the water’s edge, but rather… architecture !
(One does not prevent the other, however).

So I chose a collective housing project, with a commercial presence on the ground floor, all designed by Lavalle + Peniche Arquitectos.
To get straight to the point, what caught my eye in this project was above all the central courtyard, a sort of mix between an open island heart and a creepy, closed stairwell. Here, the courtyard functions as a vertical and horizontal binder, nicely treated, which gives a pleasant space for meeting and exchange. The absence of a real empty space, which could be dedicated to common facilities is to be regretted. But at the same time, on a real estate operation, this kind of surfaces are expensive.

However, the question arises, particularly in this context of health crisis: is there a need for in-between spaces that would allow small committee activities ? How can we manage this transition from public to private space by adding the problem of small gatherings ?
Imagining new intermediate uses will probably be one of the challenges for designers today and tomorrow. It remains to be seen how this can be formally and financially translated into future real estate operations.

But if I come back to the project (because yes, I’m going astray): apart from this appreciable central circulation, the materiality of the project has also made my eye. The concrete used was treated very clearly, almost like dry stone. In contrast, the black metal frames views and reveals its skeleton in the interstices between the housing blocks. Finally, without being revolutionary in their design, these dwellings offer a day/night separation that is always good to emphasize.
In short, a nice project, sober and efficient. As I like it.

Happy holidays to those who do !

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