One day, a project : Philosophical Seminar by Peter Böhm Architekten

Peter Böhm
Photography by Lukas Roth

After some straying among the Nordic people, I came back to a project of our neighbours, in the historic centre of Münster in Germany. Ideal context therefore to realize the extension of a place of knowledge where light and minerality are at the center of the project.

So yes, as usual, I’m flashing on straight, straight and woven things. But beyond the lines, it is the materiality of the project and the answer it brings to the genius loci (I even let go of it by using Latin phrases). The spirit of the place therefore, where red brick on ashlar, cobbled streets and a deep atmosphere that smells like good beer (but not that!). The project team was probably given an extra push (ah ah) : on a site surrounded by the Diocese of Münster, the Museum of Archaeology and the Faculty of Theology, there was no question of going wrong.

But it must be clearly admitted that the result fits the site perfectly. Nestled between the existing building and the Archaeology Museum, it is aligned with the access alley from the main square, responding by the rhythm of its openings to the purple façade of the museum. Nevertheless, it differs from the outside by assuming the marking of the levels and by refusing the four-sided roof (BAM in your teeth Eugène V-l-D !). The extension is intended to be anchored in its time. Different and inspired. With such a facade design, one would almost come to think that the pissettes and exterior lighting, appendages of this sober facade, bring a daring play of shadows on the lightly sanded lime-cement mortar.

Inside, two rough concrete staircases topped with metal railings structure the central aisle. Vertical and horizontal distributions, they chisel the monotony of the construction system, separating the existing from its extension in an apparent sobriety. This luminous atrium sets up a soft and virtuous dialogue between two buildings from two eras, managing to link them without shocking.

Connecting without shocking, that’s a good idea…some could be inspired by it.

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