One day, a project : AULA K by BCQ Arquitectura

AULA K BCQ Arquitectura Marcela Grassi
Photography by Marcela Grassi

Today, we are leaving for the Catalans, as close as possible to the sun and the desire for independence. A modest, simple project, a shelter in short. But we feel that there was a lot of heart at work.

A skilful mix of wood and steel, some details pleasant to look at, including those that provide shelter from small animals and insects. Not stupid in a park.

However, the management of the forecourt is clumsy, as if, after having given everything to refine his building, the architect had decided that no, really, we would just pour a concrete slab to manage the interior/exterior ratio.
Too bad.

That being said, for 123,660e, I think it’s worth it.

Cherry on the cake, the whole thing is modular. The question is, how long will the wood keep that luster… Mystery.

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