One day, a project : C&P Corporate Headquarters by INNOCAD

Headquarter C&P                     Graz  04.2018      INNOCAD Architektur ZT GmbH
Photography by Paul Ott

Today I had a nice surprise.

While browsing through my favorite blogs looking for a project, an action, in short a pleasant link to share, I still thought I’d come across an attractive *thing* without being able to satisfy myself.
Well today, no.

So here we are in Austria, even if, given the treatment of the square and urban integration, we could be in the middle of an SNCF site at La Mulatière. We’re swimming in the middle of the lost cube complex in the middle of nowhere. Forgotten urban planning, far from being liberated.

On the archi (aah !) side, a pretty grid, in the free plan style of Le Corbusier (ouch !) in 3D exposes a constructive system on the facade while offering a corridor for smokers or professionals of the break.

Advantage of the free plan: it’s that you’re freed and you can put an ice castle a little as you want inside this apparently very rigid system. There are a few good ideas here and there: the stretched canvas system that animates the facade, the zenithal lighting filtered by a kind of very light film, the attention given to the material without its treatment (not sure that it is very expensive stuff at the base), the use of expanded metal that does the job without throwing us into an atmosphere too indus’, the terrace that we imagine without difficulty evolve according to the uses…

So yes, there are some clumsiness, a plan that sometimes doesn’t seem to be mastered, like this pretty door of the R+3 overlooking a beautiful post: even in those darkest hours, the trainee wouldn’t have done that.

Anyway, we could cut the fat, nitpick here and there, but the party is assumed and before the pollution comes to tarnish this beautiful white, it looks good !

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