One day, a project : Hôpital Vétérinaire du Parc by Thomas Balaban Architect

Photography by Adrien Williams / T B A

Today, we are travelling to Montreal, in its more English-speaking part, a few blocks from McGill University.
Noveterinary, *albeit* let’s architect my vouchers !

It’s the story of a veterinary hospital that was a little too narrow and wanted to grow up, just like a kitten who was mocking himself with expensive kibbles, to sacrifice his image of “something cute” for the benefit of an image of “something chi*** that meows to eat even more”.

The slightly grungy hospital, characteristic of a retro adolescence paradoxically very well controlled, is here dressed in a sober but effective coat. It gives up part of its destructive cachet to wallow in white. Because as we know, white is class (pardon the temptation). This being said, some reminders of the past are preserved. Too anecdotal or sufficient? It’s up to you to judge.

The composition remains pragmatic, you shoot straight and it works well. Some would say that it avoids breaks, um… Not sure not sure !

At the top, we don’t need a terrace and a small garden. Anyway, with this damn winter of 5 months, it will end up in an ice rink or a hole in the salt budget, so huh, it’s really for the image …(actually I’m in bad faith, summer in Montreal is very pleasant).

In short a rather nice evolution, which lacks a hair (ah ah!) of sobriety or an even more assertive party.

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