One day, a project : Rassvet Loft Renovation by DNK ag

Ilya Ivanov_Rassvet loft renovation dnk ag
Photography by Ilya Ivanov

Today, Russia is in the spotlight.

Like a -and not a- Putin riding the grizzly, with a rounded torso and shiny with sweat, I propose today a renovation that makes your buttocks (at least mine) slam.

The play of bricks (definitely, what I love brick!) and light animate the facade, give it a thickness without falling into the excess of materials. The extruded masses are reinforced by contrasting materials, here metal, whose colour and rhythm integrate with the DNA of the building and the neighbourhood.

The result is a powerful, surprisingly warm ensemble.
We only regret that these small balconies, ridiculous as they are, were not better integrated into the mass work. Perhaps the limits of the renovation.

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