One Day, a Project : Children Village by Aleph Zero and Rosenbaum

fazenda canuanã
Photography by Leonardo Finotti

Today we fly to Brazil.
No beautiful buttocks on the program nor wild dance steps, but *hold your breath* of the architecture !

This is the “Children’s Village” (the muddy jokes have been deliberately left out), a program that means everything and nothing and leaves the emphasis here on architecture (again!). We’re going on a 25,000m² site dedicated to nearly 600 children, all in the middle of the forest…or almost. We needed something heavy. After all, the designers were leaving here with the ambition to reinvent Brazilian vernacular architecture, a little more and Alain Deloin was blushing.

As far as architecture is concerned, in the middle of the forest, it’s… wood… with a little brick all the same, don’t mess around.

Wood everywhere, for the railings, the furniture, the framework. Based on local know-how but reinterpreted to make these spaces “modern”.

Good ideas in the separation of spaces, from the non hide-and-seek guardrails (which is important when we do social housing, don’t ask me why) to the furniture of the inner courtyard. The posts even seem to levitate above the concrete slab. The poetry of detail…

In the end, it’s a simple project in its form and in what it displays, not necessarily a snoring project but one that I think does the job.

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