One day, a project : Restroom in the Mountains by Lab D+H

Restroom montain LabD+H Xi Tang
Photography by Xi Tang

You’ll think: “There you go, the weather’s coming up, but he’s taking us straight back to the winter with a mountain shelter”. Indeed, that’s what made me choose… but not that !

So we leave for China, in the Kunyu natural park. It is in these mountains that we find a small complex of 250m² dedicated to…toilets. I’m used to say that one of the rooms I prefer to design is the toilets. A strategic place, both in use and in technique (yes, it’s more constraining than it seems!), the toilets have always had this fascinating effect on me. If there was a contest dedicated to it, I would jump on it. In short, I get lost.

In their project, LAB D+H managed to mix minimalism and poetry.
A mix of wood and perforated metal, these mountain toilets offer a journey into a raw elsewhere. The four sets that make up the project are articulated around a free zone, a garden where a bamboo watering hole sits enthroned. The structure is simple: a metal frame supporting the wood siding. The unit must be easily movable and dismountable. Ideal.
Below, a terrace makes it possible to contemplate the landscape, which undeniably makes waiting more pleasant.

All in all, I like this project for its common sense, its integration into the landscape and the simplicity of its program.
Perhaps one day we will give more importance to our toilets !

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