One day, a project : Vanke Emerald Park by Lacime Architects

Vanke Emerald park_ lacime architects_XingzhiArchitecture
Photography by Xingzhi Architecture

So I can tell you that for this project, selecting one of Xingzhi Architecture’s superb photos was no easy task. I advise you now to go to the link above (the “for more informations…”) because frankly, it’s worth the detour.

In short this little introduction made, we’re off to China, to Chongqing, nicknamed the mountain city and located in the interior of China (it’s vast, I admit, but google map is your ally). The project we’re interested in is home to a program that is a bit obscure to me: described by some as a public building, by others as a showroom, I guess it’s a vague mix of all that. This being the case, it’s a good thing, because today we are going to put aside the use of it a little to the benefit of technology and heritage.

Without getting into the debates that – according to the newspapers – are tearing the whole world apart, heritage raises questions. Whether it is in its conservation, its reinterpretation (because that is the starting point), its definition, everyone has their own opinion without necessarily reaching an agreement. However, I tend to think that this project could reflect a form of unanimity.

Its symmetrical composition apparently refers to traditional Chinese plans, as well as the court and a whole bunch of references that I wouldn’t dwell on (others do it much better than me). On the other hand, let’s make it clear: the entrance is a real eye-catcher. The lines are clean, enhanced by discreet lighting. The metal appears like a braid, fine, light.
A nod to Chinese craftsmanship (which I unfortunately know very little about!) or simply a testimony of good taste ? For the moment, I do not know … but what does it look good !

In the courtyard, far away from the little bonsai that we have all one day a little too watered, we put here three beautiful specimens. In this genre, Lacime Architects don’t go with the back of the spoon: water, a well mowed lawn, a slight elevation that gives a levitating effect and, icing on the cake, the mister that gets lost in the screed, bringing a damn dreamlike atmosphere. Even Peter Jackson didn’t go that far to recreate Elrond’s home, that is to say.

Modern in its materials but out of time in its implementation, disconcertingly simple in its form hiding a crazy work for the realization, this project gives me the impression of being drawn from a fantastic universe, both grandiose and sensitive.
Basically, Bravo.

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